The garden

El Habana state covers 1.7 hectares of which at least 10000 m² are devoted to garden. The Pedroso river, a small vivid course of water divides the property in two sections linked by wooden bridges.

The design follows a natural pattern which implies the acceptance of many plants that would be suppressed in a more formal garden. By choosing the best location for each plant the result is a healthy and low maintenance garden.

El Habana garden has a wide collection of indigenous and exotic shrubs and trees have been planted forming an increasingly diverse botanic garden with more than 300 different species. Specially remarkable are the fern, maple and acid loving plant collections.
Among the local trees you can see, horse chestnut, chestnut,
walnut, lime, beech, london plane, hazle, different oaks, birch, alder, etc. These are complemented by trees from other areas interesting by their autumn colours and different shapes.

The garden can be visited by non guests of the hotel, following the proposed walk or freely in about an hour:


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El Habana llanes
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