The design of the garden

In 1994 the merger of two estates, la Huertona to the north and el Molino de Hano, to the south, brought about a state of 17.000 m2, which was the starting point of El Habana present garden. The garden design follows a natural pattern that uses the contours of the land and the bends of the Pedroso river a small vivid course of water that traverses the state, to melt into the surrounding landscape.

In the planting special attention has been paid to create eye-catching points of interest at different times of the year. in Winter we look at the structural forms of the perennials that appear among nude trees. In late Winter the aim are the naturalized bulbs spread here and there, and the early flowering of shrubs. In Spring and Summer, we like the patches of colour coming from trees and flowering trees and shrubs. Finally, in Autumn, we love the yellow, red and bronze tinges of the leaves of maples, quercus, cornus and sumacs.

We have chosen and planted those species that we think perfect to achieve that goal considering each plant characteristics regarding their requirements and preferences on position, light,  water and temperature, and capability of interacting with neighbour plants.

Among the local trees you can see, horse chestnut, chestnut, walnut, lime, beech, London plane, hazel, different oaks, birch, alder, etc.

These are complemented by trees interesting for their autumn colours and different shapes coming from North America: ash, maples, oaks, liquidambar and magnolias. Especially remarkable are the palms, ferns, maples and acid loving plants collections.  + back to the main page