El Habana restaurant: A la carte menu

Tapas to share

    Croquettes of cabrales cheese or of cured ham 8,00
    Tuna fish empanadillas (parcels)  8,00
    Asturian five cheese platter  15,00
    Iberian cured ham  17,50
    Fried country eggs with ham and frites 11,00
    Carpaccio of marinated salmon with ginger dressing 12,00
    Black pudding wuth caramelized onions 9,00


     Green salad with tomatoes, yellowfish and boiled egg  10,00
     Goat cheese salad, lettuce, bacon, apple and nuts vinaigrette dressing 11,00
     Endives salad with apple, cheese, anchovies, nuts and yoghurt dressing 11,00

 For “vegetarians”

     Aubergines and red pepper ratatouille 9,00
     Sautéed green vegetables 8,00
     Sautéed spinach with pine nuts and raisins 8,00

Soups and pasta

     El Habana chicken soup 8,00
     Onion soup with Oscos cheese 9,00
     Creme of monkfish and shrimps soup 12,00
     Tagliatelle carbonara (bacon and cream) 9,00
     Macaroni: chicken sauté, with tomato, red pepper, green olives and basil 9,00

Fish and meat dishes

     Grilled turbot with sautéed vegetables 18,00
     Grilled Monkfish and crispy fried potatos 18,00
     Grilled salmon with aubergines with tomato 12,00
     Grilled steak with cabrales cheese or pepper sauce 17,00
     Iberian Pork sirloin with mushrooms in Pedro Ximenez sauce 13,00
     Caribean style iberian pork cheeks 12,00
     Albóndigas (traditional meat balls) 12,00
     Marinated chicken breast and sauteed mushrooms 12,00

 Traditional dishes of rice and legumes (30 minutes)

     Sea food verdinas – green bean seafood stew 16,00
     Black sea food “paella” (minimum for two, per person) 17,00
     Country chicken and rice (minimum for two, per person) 17,00

Home made desserts

     Cheese cake 4,50
     Chocolate cake 4,50
     Cream caramel of condensed milk 4,50
     Banana and rum ice cream 4,50
     Mango ice cream 4,50
     Fruit salad 4,50

     Terrace and garden charge 3,00
     VAT included