About us

El Habana en el Paris-Dakar
El Habana en el Paris Dakar: encuentro con el primer baobab

Our tandem was formed in 1994 when Sirio Sáinz, a business man, rallies organizer and eleven times participant at the Paris Dakar Rally and María Eugenia Caumel, economist, government official, plant and garden lover, both passionate about travel and adventure, decided to open a small charming hotel and restaurant in an empty land that we dreamed to transform into a “historical garden”.

In 1994, wandering by road out of the beaten track, we found the place, a property on sale, of 17.000 m2. in which we could have a garden and a perfect place to start our small business.

We fell immediately in love with La Pereda. A precious stretch of land only 3 km. from the sea, where the impressive profile of the Cuera Range dominates the landscape and moulds the personality of the people. 

In 1997 El Habana was born as a result of our passion for travelling colonial towns. Those colours, that ambience, that spirit is what we would like to share with you.

El Habana state in 1995