El Habana Llanes

Barrio El Pedroso

La Pereda.  LLanes

33509 Asturias

Telephone +34 985 40 25 26


43º 23′ 54” N;

04º 46′ 09” W



Llanes one of the best known destinations in North Spain, is a very picturesque villa worthy of spending a few days strolling around…

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The Cantabrian Sea

The high mountains of Picos de Europa plunge into the sea in this area forming beautiful sand beaches and spectacular cliffs. 

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The mountains

LLanes is a perfect base to explore the renowned Parque Nacional de Picos de Europa, with famous trekkings: Cares Gorge, Covadonga Lakes…

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The Municipal Golf Course Llanes stands close to the village of Andrín 2 Kms from El Habana. It has 18 holes and spectacular views of the sea and surrounding mountains. It was a former aviation camp.
Probably one of the main reasons to visit Asturias is to relish its peculiar dishes. Tasty fish and seafood from the Cantabric coast tender meat from Asturian cows, the famous fabada and less known, but wonderful sea food verdinas beans, and its cheeses: Cabrales, Beyos, Vidiago, Pria, La Peral, Bedon and Gamoneu among others.
LLanes is also a stopover in the Northern Saint Jacobs Trail on its way to Santiago de Compostela by the coast that runs through a beautiful unspoiled nature…+read more…
The karstic nature of the terrain has built many caves, some of them with beautiful drawings: Tito Bustillo (Ribadesella) and El Pindal (Rivadedeva), among others are World Heritage.
Even though there are many walks close to Llanes, either in the Cuera range or following the coastal route, (that sometimes can be combined with the FEVE train), the main reason why the trekkers come to Asturias is the Picos de Europa National Park where you could have from short easy walks to long distance tailor-made crossings with a guide through an unforgettable scenery.
From Arriondas you can do an unforgettable canoeing trip emulating the famous International Descent of Sella River. A less popular but otherwise beautiful alternative is the canoeing trip down the Deva River (Unquera).
A marvellous way of discovering the many sea entrances and caves along the cliffs.
A different way to discover the countryside.
More and more popular, especially at the beaches of Vega, San Antolín, San Martín, Andrín and Ballota.
You can use different roads and tracks to go to the beach, to LLanes or to other villages without the hustle of the main roads.